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The Emerald Flame

A puzzletale about an alchemist searching for a legendary potion, told through maps, drawings, and unique tactile artifacts.

"For what I look for in a play-at-home puzzle game, it has no peers."
- Room Escape Artist

"A wildly unique experience."
- Board Game Quest

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The Light in the Mist

A narrative adventure in the form of a tarot deck, filled with gorgeous artwork, tons of puzzles, and a heartfelt story.

"Beautiful, brilliant, and engaging in every way... a multi-layered, exquisitely constructed work of art."
- Tommy Honton, creator of Stash House

“This game is a masterpiece.”

- Peih-Gee Law, Reality Escape Podcast

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An ethereal puzzle mythology about dream interpretation, told through poems, physical objects, and beautiful watercolor illustrations.

"Beautiful, mysterious, and divergent."
- The Cardboard Herald

"Really phenomenal… one big surprise after the next."
-Puzzling Company

Threads of Fate

A puzzling journey through Norse mythology to uncover the secrets of fate and time.

"Grand in scope and gorgeous in execution."
- Room Escape Artist

"Intricately constructed, elaborately produced, and expertly designed."
- What's Eric Playing

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The Morrison Game Factory

An abandoned board game factory invites you to discover an untold story.

"Visually stunning and thematically apt, this game was compelling and hard to put away"
- Tara's Tabletop

“Unique and wonderful.”

- Room Escape Artist

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