What is PostCurious?
PostCurious makes unique narrative tabletop puzzle games, blending escape rooms, board games, and interactive fiction using physical objects and some online components. You can experience these adventures from the comfort of your home as you solve riddles, decipher symbols, and manipulate objects to further unravel a mystery.

What is a puzzletale?

A puzzletale is a game or experience that uses puzzles as the main mechanic to drive forward a narrative.

Where do you ship to/from?

We stock our games in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia, so your order will ship from a local warehouse that is closest to the delivery destination. (Please note that while there should be no import charges in the regions mentioned above, we are not responsible for any other local duties, customs, or taxes.)

To place an order, visit the Allplay store.

If I order another item with a preorder (unreleased) item, when will my order ship?

Items ordered together will be shipped once the preorder item is available. If you would like to receive the already released items immediately, you would need to create two separate orders.

How long does it take for non-preorder items to ship?
It typically takes 1-4 business days for an order to process. Once it goes out you will receive an email with a tracking number from our fulfillment partners. If you place an order with no backordered or pre-ordered items and don't get any notification within a week, please contact us.

My country isn't listed in the checkout page. Can you ship to me?
Probably! Please contact us at info [at] getpostcurious.com with your address and the items you'd like to purchase.

What if I get stuck and can't finish a puzzle?
We like to give you a challenge, but we know getting stuck without help is no fun. That's why we provide players with an easily accessible online hint system, as well as spoiler-free solution verification.

What is your refund policy?
Orders that have not yet shipped will be refunded in full. We will also refund or replace defective items at no cost. If an item is still unopened and not defective, we will provide a refund, but the return shipping will be at the buyer's expense. Non-defective used items are not eligible for a refund.